Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Good News for Auditors – Nipper Studio 2.3.4 Is Here and Includes a Check Point Configuration Retriever

With the launch of Nipper Studio’s 2.3.4, Titania is integrating Check Point devices into the 
software’s remote audit functionality. Now auditors will be able to use the tool to remotely retrieve files from Check Point devices, with the configuration retriever supported by Nipper Studio 2.3.4. This includes the Check Point management systems, thus allowing the auditing of multiple devices simultaneously. 

Aside from the convenience that remote auditing adds to any Nipper Studio audit, the configuration retriever was created specifically to assist Titania customers. Check Point software can run on a variety of different operating systems and platforms, but extracting the configuration file is a time-consuming process that many auditors often struggle with. The configuration retriever is designed to simplify the process and reduce support time for penetration testers.

As well as the configuration retriever, Nipper Studio 2.3.4 has also added the “Exclude
Vulnerabilities” functionality for vulnerability auditing, which allows users to specify vulnerabilities that may be erroneously flagged due to the system they operate. The “Exclude Security Issues” functionality was already available for security auditing, in order to exempt specific issues for bespoke network setups. This enhancement was added in response to customer feedback carefully reviewed by the Technical Team.

Nipper Studio was designed by Ian Whiting, a former penetration tester who truly believed that “an auditor’s time is best spent assessing things that require human input, while mundane and routine tasks are excellent candidates for automation”. This was the underlying concept for Nipper Studio. Today the software serves information security professionals worldwide, in more than 60 countries, while features and functionalities continue to be added in answer to their needs.

More information about Nipper Studio 2.3.4, supported devices and features can be found here. For updates from the Titania team, follow us on Twitter @TitaniaLimited 

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