Friday, 31 October 2014

#InfosecHeroes Nominate & Donate

What is #InfosecHeroes?

Titania’s CEO, Ian Whiting was recently named this year’s winner of the “Personal Contribution to IT Security” in the Computing Security Awards ceremony. While this has been a great honour for Ian and a very proud moment in Titania's history, it also made us realise how many more hardworking individuals in information security there are out there who deserve recognition for their efforts. That is why we created #InfosecHeroes; because sometimes even a thank you and a mention go a long way to recognise people’s efforts!

How does it work?

You nominate an information security professional that you consider has brought some outstanding achievements to the industry. You share it over Twitter including the hashtag #InfosecHeroes and the name / handle of the elected hero and make a charity donation. Any donations are entirely up to you, but we would be really grateful if you could help us reach our goal of raising £500 for WhiteHatRally.

Have you been nominated? Congratulations – someone somewhere has learnt something from your research, benefited from a tool you developed, or has found your conference talks really inspiring! Why not give something back with a nomination and a donation? 

If you don’t like the idea, that’s fine too, but you might like to be a Barnardo’s hero by making a small donation to WhiteHat Rally. As the industry’s representative charity we decided all funds raised through this campaign should go to them.

We will make the first donation of £25, divided among 5 teams which will take turns in nominating their own #InfosecHeroes! Follow us @TitaniaLimited to find out who we chose…

Thank you, infosec community! 

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