Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Two Accolades for Titania at the Computing Security Awards 2014

The prestigious ceremony for the Computing Security Awards 2014 brought outstanding results for Titania. Thanks to everyone’s votes, Titania took part in five categories. Last night, Titania’s CEO and founder, Ian Whiting took home the coveted “Personal Contribution to IT Security Award 2014” and Nipper Studio scooped up the nomination of Runner Up for “Enterprise Security Solution of the Year”.

Ian Whiting, the creator of Nipper Studio, said: “We were up against well-established names in the industry, so these awards are very important, even more so as the winners were chosen through public votes. It is so encouraging to know we have so many customers and partners that believe in us and the services we provide. We want to thank everyone for all the support and kind words we received.”

The Computing Security Awards were created to celebrate the best solutions of the industry, the best information security providers and individual representatives whose efforts have made a difference to the cybersecurity community. Running in their fifth year (with the third consecutive win for Titania), the awards are well-known and highly regarded by the industry. All applications were submitted to two rounds of public vote, via the Computing Security Awards website, to determine the winners.

Titania joins a long list of acclaimed winners, including Celestix, Egress, Fortinet, CheckPoint, Nettitude, WatchGuard, Palo Alto Networks, CyberArk, VASCO, Assuria and Cyberoam. For more details visit the Computing Security Awards website.

“It was an incredible night. Everyone was celebrating and networking. The venue was outstanding, but the infosec community really built up a wonderful atmosphere.” said Marketing and Sales Manager, Ruth Inglis.

The runner up for Enterprise Security Solution, network security auditing software, Nipper Studio started as a tool intended to simplify the work of penetration testers, in the laborious task of auditing firewalls, switches and routers. Soon after, it garnered interest worldwide and multiple awards, from the acclaimed Govies in the US government IT security, to innovation-driven European Smart Metering awards, while gaining praise from cybersecurity professionals as well as non-security specialists that needed accurate and detailed analysis regarding the security of their network. The team has now returned to the office with two more prestigious accolades as standing proof that the acclaims are grounded.

Titania was a proud sponsor for the Computing Security Awards 2014 alongside CheckPoint, Celestix, ZeroDayLab and Brookcourt. To keep up to date with news from Titania, please follow us on Twitter @TitaniaLimited. If you would like more information regarding our network auditing solutions, please email us at enquiries@titania.com

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