Monday, 16 December 2013

What Is STIG Compliance?

STIG (Security Technical Implementation Guide) Compliance is a standardized guideline for installation and maintenance of software and hardware according to the (U.S.) Department of Defense regulations. STIG also comes with a “checklist” which gives instructions on how to verify if a device is compliant, and if not, how to make it compliant.

Gold Disk is a system administrator tool which allows scanning for vulnerabilities and automates a system configuration compliant with STIG. As of 31st of December 2012 Gold Disk was terminated (and taken off public domain) and other scanning solutions: Host Based Security System – HBBS, Security Content Automation Protocol – SCAP, Compliance Checker – SCC were to be used instead.

STIGs can be downloaded at the IASE (Information Assurance Support Environment) website, and they are regularly updated to address new configurations.

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