Thursday, 4 April 2013

Brocade FastIron Edge Configuration Retrieval Instructions

These are Brocade FastIron Edge configuration retrieval instructions (Tested on a Brocade FastIron Edge switch) using HTTP(S) 
We would recommend using HTTPS rather than HTTP for transferring your devices configuration as the latter provides no encryption. 
The procedure for getting the configuration from the device using HTTP(S) is as follows: 
1. Using your favorite web browser, connect to the HTTP(S) service provided by your Brocade FastIron Edge for remote management. You can do this by entering "https://" (recommended) or "http://" followed by your devices IP address. 
2. Logon using your administration username and password. 
3. Scroll down to ‘TFTP – Configuration’ from the list on the left. 
4. Enter the IP address of your TFTP server. 
5. Enter a name for your configuration file; you will need to add the extension .txt on to the name of the file so that it is readable by Nipper Studio.
6. Click ‘Save from Flash to Server’ or ‘Save from RAM to Server’ 
7. Your configuration will now be saved to your TFTP server. 
If you need help with auditing your network devices (firewalls, switches and routers) then try Nipper Studio for free.  Brocade FastIron Edge Devices are one of over 100 network devices supported by Nipper Studio. 
This information was brought to you by Titania and is not official information from Brocade.

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