Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Paws Studio Intelligent Compliance Auditing

Titania’s new compliance auditing tool, Paws Studio, is now available! After a period of in house and beta testing our professional auditor for workstations and servers can be evaluated for free on our website.

With Paws Studio you can:

1.       Perform compliance audits through either remote network auditing or manual access to the audit data in secure environments

2.       Produce advanced and easy to action reports with comprehensive summaries

3.       Audit against pre-defined policies such as PCI, NSA, STIG and NERC

4.       Define your own customised policy to suit your organisation

PLUS… Paws Studio is fully scriptable so can be written into your current processes.

For more information and for a free trial go to the Titania website www.titania-security.com

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  1. I'm not into any business but I'm glad to come across this page. I learned a lot from your simple and concise post. Thanks!



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