Monday, 1 October 2012

McAfee Firewall Backup Script- Free Tool to Restore Firewall Configuration

McAfee / Secure Computing Firewall (Sidewinder) Backup Script (MFBS) enables you to quickly create a script that can be used to restore your firewall configuration. Older SecureOS versions enabled you to backup the configuration to an XML file, however recent versions create encrypted archives. This prevents you from manually modifying, scripting changes or any other analysis.

To download this free tool go to


All you need is the ability to copy files to and from your firewall, plus the ability to run scripts. There are multiple ways that you can do this, but you could use the edit file facility in the management software.


Download and transfer the script to your firewall and then logon to the command line interface. You can execute the script using the following commands:
  • srole (to perform administration tasks)
  • ./mcafee-backup-v1.3.script (to execute the script)
You then simply transfer the "firewall.config" file to a secure location, this is your backup. It is worth noting that the system will replace some passwords during this, so you may want to edit those specific lines.


Copyright Titania Ltd 2009. You are free to copy and distribute this script. If you make modifications to the script, these must be sent back to Titania for integration and potentially made available within future publicly available releases.

To download this tool for free go to

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