Thursday, 30 August 2012

Network Security Auditing Tool- Free Trial Available

Nipper Studio Network Security Auditing Tool
Free trial at

Nipper Studio is a security auditing software that allows its users to produce detailed security reports on the vulnerabilities in their network devices (switches, routers, firewalls etc.) Nipper Studio works from the inside out by analysing the actual devices configurations, giving you a much more detailed report than a vulnerability scanner could produce. Furthermore the software never touches the network so Nipper Studio can be used in high security environments. A report at the level of a manual penetration tester is generated within seconds and displays:

  • Severity of the threat
  • Ease of resolution
  • Potential solutions to resolve the issue
(you can use either the CVSSv2 rating system or the established Nipper Studio Rating System and export results into various formats)
Nipper Studio also produces a mitigation report that provides the information to help organisations fix their network vulnerabilities with the smallest impact on their operations. When the fixes are made Nipper Studio can generate a comparison report that displays what changes have been made and how successful this has been in securing their networks.

Customizable settings include:
1. The ability to theme your report throughout with your own company branding;
2. Choose policy settings that are relevant to your organization and construct profiles that remember these settings;
3. Wholly or partly exclude sections and findings in the report. You can also hide sensitive information from the report;
4. Add your own notes to the report;
Nipper Studio is multi-platform and supports an extensive amount of devices, for a full supported device list go to 
For a free evaluation of the software go to

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