Monday, 4 June 2012

Retrieving Config Files from IBM Proventia G Series Devices

Nipper Studio uses the /etc directory from these devices as the source. To do this using SSH and SCP you could do the following:
  1. Logon to the device using SSH. If you are using the admin user and the address of your system is then you could enter the following command:
    ssh -l admin
  2. Create an archive of your /etc directory using tar as this will make it easier to transfer to your machine. You could do this using the following command:
    tar -cvf etc-config-backup.tar /etc
  3. You can now transfer the archive to your local system. If your local system supports SCP and your username is bob and address is, then you could use the following command:
    scp etc-config-backup.tar bob@
  4. Once the configuration archive is on your local system you can extract it. There are several tools on Windows (such as 7-zip) that are capable of extracting a tar archive.
Once you have the configuration on your local system you can then use the etc directory that you tranferred from the Proventia device as the configuration directory source for Nipper Studio.

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