Thursday, 29 March 2012

Titania’s New Cyber Security Blog Designed To Help You Stay Secure

From Titania, the creators of Nipper Studio cyber security auditing software, comes our brand new cyber security blog! As members of the Titania Security Team we understand and appreciate the importance of cyber security in the digital age. 

With so many organizations relying on the security of their computer networks for the successful running of their businesses, it is imperative that their networks are secure at all times. As a result of our years of experience in providing security audits and our passion for preventing cybercrime, we have decided to create a blog dedicated to helping you stay secure!

We will be posting regular cyber security news, events and advice, starting with the first series of posts which will explain how to extract network device configurations from a range of devices.  Look out for these updates in the coming weeks, we hope you find them useful!

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